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This is the javascript that gets the data from tabdata.php, passing on which
page was clicked, then 'pasting' it into the screen (that's the innerhtml part)

function showpage(pageno) {
     try {
        document.getElementById("tdpage_home").className = "taboff";
        document.getElementById("tdpage_html").className = "taboff";
        document.getElementById("tdpage_ajax").className = "taboff";
        document.getElementById("tdpage_php").className = "taboff";
        document.getElementById("tdpage_foxp").className = "taboff";
        document.getElementById("tdpage_css").className = "taboff";
        document.getElementById("tdpage_mysq").className = "taboff";

        document.getElementById("page_data").className = "divstyle page"+pageno;
        document.getElementById("tdpage_"+pageno).className = "tabon page"+pageno;

        var url = "/AldridgeSoftware/tabdata.php?page="+pageno;
        var xmlHttp = GetXmlHttpObject();
        if (xmlHttp === null) {
            alert("Browser does not support this page");
        }"POST", url, false);
     catch (err) {
        ErrorBrowserJump("An error ocurred in \"showpage\"

The error was:
" + err.message + err.line);

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