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The html for these pages used to be fairly simple and concise, just a tabbed menu and a <div> to put the AJAX data.
To keep it simple, put everything in a table
<table width="912px" style="text-align: center; vertical-align:
bottom; border-color: Black; cellpadding="0px" cellspacing="0px">
<tr style="height: 20px;">
    <td id="tdpage_home" onclick="showpage('home')" class="pagehome" >
    <td id="tdpage_html" onclick="showpage('html')" class="pagehtml">
    <td id="tdpage_ajax" onclick="showpage('ajax')" class="pageajax">
    <td id="tdpage_php" onclick="showpage('php')" class="pagephp">
    <td id="tdpage_foxp" onclick="showpage('foxp')" class="pagefoxp">
    <td id="tdpage_css" onclick="showpage('css')" class="pagecss">
    <td id="tdpage_mysq" onclick="showpage('mysq')" class="pagemysq">

Create a place holder for AJAX data:
<div id="page_data" class="divstyle pagehome">
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